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The Auto Call Recorder is an Android App that Self-regulating records Android phone call content and allows you to listen to it at any time. No need to worry about recording as   Android phone calls are Self-regulating recorded, allowing you to listen to them again at any time. When you need to review the essential call description, Recall forgotten memories, Distinguish right from wrong, or when you’ve forgotten to take a demo, this application is highly useful as it allows you to listen to recorded calls at any time.

* Included Functions

1. Automatic incoming/outgoing call recording function – no need to press the recording button!

2. The size of the recording file can be minimized by selecting between the recording formats of mp3, mp4 and 3gp, voice quality despite the small size of the file.

3.  Essential calls can be designated on the call recording list allowing them to be managed separately.

4. Call recording files can be listened to using the default media player (included).

5. Call recording files can be shared by Dropbox added to the Android phone’s cloud app.

6. Files can be copied to the Android phone’s memory card via USB.

7. Free space can be designated in order to save memory.

8. A password can be set excluding others from accessing recordings.

9. Call recording files can be selected to hide or show from the android phone’s media player.

10. The design theme of App can be chosen.

* Summary

You’ve surely had times where you wish you had recorded the content of a call after forgetting what was said or when a problem occurs after hanging up. Many Android phones already have a call recording function, however recording  essential call content is not easy as it is hard to guess whether the conversation during the call is  essential or not.

If you use the Auto CallRecorder,

All calls are Self-regulating recorded and can be managed so that previously recorded calls can be listened to, allowing you to refresh your memory of the conversation and review its content.

* Matters requiring attention

- App may not function if other call recording applications are in use. You can close or delete all other recording.

- App may not function properly if the Android phone model you are using does not support the call recording function, and can only be used if customer ROM is installed.

- Please don’t leave a one-star review if the app does not work. The application works perfectly in the Android phones.
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